Ready to track your cash flow and ditch the debt?

This Cashflow Optimizer + Debt Eliminator toolkit will empower you to 👇

  • Get a clear picture of where your money is going.
  • Forecast what you’ll have for savings, emergencies, and fun (!) at the end of each month.
  • Create a plan to tackle your debts.

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Take control of your financial future. I did.

Yes me, Cindy. CEO of MakeCents. Certified Financial Planner. Money Masterplan coach. I didn’t always have my financial shit together.

Before I harnessed control over my cash flow I was an anxious mess - frantically trying to keep out of overdraft and blindly waiting (wishing) for my next pay cheque.

All the while wondering...when do I get to have fun?

Because my life didn’t look like the regular 9 to 5, I felt like the standard approaches to finance couldn't help me get a realistic grip on my money. Typical budgeting sheets assume you have a regular income, and then have you divide up your funds until it feels like you’re left with a big fat zero. 

There’s no room for surprises. And little space for joy.

What I wanted was a tool that would allow me to see my financial future. 

It needed to be flexible enough to not only account for the income of an entrepreneur, but also allow me to predict what things would look like living life on my terms.

So, I created my own crystal ball - a simple approach to cash flow tracking and debt management. And now you can use it too.

Get started with the Cashflow Optimizer + Debt Eliminator toolkit, so you can 👇

  • Learn all about cash flow tracking and forecasting.
  • Get clarity on your real financial position.
  • Set your path and timeline to debt freedom!
  • Build essential financial literacy skills you were never taught in school.

When you download our templates, you’ll also sign up to the Make Cents email list.